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Congratulations first. You should be visiting this page after having decided your bride or groom.

Marriages are made in heaven! Indian marriages are many a times arranged, although that is changing these days. Its has been said that two people marry not only themselves but two families get married to each other. Therefore you will see that some Indian parents still play a big role in finding a bride or a groom for their children.

Marriage is a tradition that never goes out of style. We as a new age wedding planners in chennai provide you the best out of best for your marriage events. We shall provide a-z services for the following various marriage types. The following are the services we shall provide for your wedding or reception events. "There is no scale to measure excellence, we keep on adding to that - Manoharan, The Proprietor"

If you feel or want, yet another friend or a relative to actively participate in your wedding to specially care for your catering needs, please feel free to contact us


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