Catering Services

Wedding Caterers, Party Caterers and Event Caterers come in all shapes and sizes, We cater both corporate events and private parties from 50 to 10000 people. Based on the theme, we can provide food and other arrangments for your event.

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Wedding Planners

Ma's Kitchen wedding planners, wedding caterers helps you planning your marriage, wedding events and provides you a-z services arrangements (marriage contractors) and catering services. We'll work with you to make sure your wedding is the best. You're invited to discuss your exact budget and if you require we shall also arrange the flowers, lighting, music and anything else you need.

Congratulations first. You should be visiting this page after having decided your bride or groom.

Marriage is a tradition that never goes out of style. We as a new age wedding planners in chennai provide you the best out of best for your marriage events. We shall provide a-z services for the following various marriage types.

Tamil/Tamizh Murai Marriages Malayalee/Keralite Marriages Kannada/Kannadiga Marriages Kashmiri Marriages Telugu Marriages Brahmin Marriages Jain Marriages Marwari Marriages Christian Marriages

The following are the services we shall provide for your wedding or reception events.

Arranging Marriage Halls Flower Decorations Stage Decorations Balloon Decorations Fountains, Vegetable Carving/Decorations Catering Services (Details - Wedding Catering) Service Boys Video Coverage Travel Bookings Hotel Bookings Other Arrangements for the Guests

"There is no scale to measure excellence, we keep on adding to that - Manoharan, The Proprietor"

If you feel or want, yet another friend or a relative to actively participate in your wedding to specially care for your catering needs, please feel free to contact us.

Questions about Caterers

Whether a casual wedding or black-tie affair, the food catering has the unique and often underestimated ability to make or break an event. With so much riding on the fare, selecting the perfect caterers for the event can become a stressful and arduous task; knowing exactly what questions to ask can make it much easier.

1. How long the caterers been in business?

Ma's Kitchen, multiple decades of experience in catering business

2. Does the caterers have experience catering your type of event?

There can be a vast difference between a experienced caterers and unexperienced caterers. Ma's Kitchen, is a well experienced caterer for any type of events, including weddings/marriages.

3. Can Ma's Kitchen, caterers handle crowd of your size?

Ma's Kitchen, caterers are the best caterers in town to handle/scale any size of crowd while treating them equally.

4. Do Ma's Kitchen, caterers provide references?

Ma's Kitchen, caterers will provide references of recent past clients to get a good idea of our abilities and how we work. (subject to availability of our clients)

5. Do Ma's Kitchen, caterers specialize in certain types of foods or dishes?

Ma's Kitchen, caterers specializes in all kind of indian continental foods.

6. Do Ma's Kitchen, caterers provide linens, flatware, and furniture (i.e. tables and chairs)?

Depending on your venue, Ma's Kitchen, caterers will provide all necessary things required for the event at nominal cost.

7. Do Ma's Kitchen, caterers provide waiting boys during the event?

Yes, if requested. Ma's Kitchen, caterers will provide waiting boys on hand. If crowd grows, they will serve food, clear tables, refill drinks, etc.

8. Where is the food prepared? onsite or off-site?

Depending on your catering requirement, Ma's Kitchen, caterers shall prepare food either onsite or off-site.